Defining Payment Types

Decide which payment types (crypto, credit card, etc.) people can use to invest.

You can customize the types of payment that potential co-investors can use to invest as well as whether you would like to self-custody those funds.

  • Payment Types - You can choose to accept crypto, fiat or both. If you choose to accept fiat then Foundation will by default custody the funds for you. If you choose to accept fiat and crypto, then we will automatically convert all non-stablecoins to stablecoins to protect funds against volatility.

  • Fund Custody - While we recommend allowing Foundation to custody funds raised for you, you can choose to self custody funds if you choose to only accept crypto.

  • Self Custody Wallet - If you would like to self custody funds then we will need to know which wallet funds should be sent too. We recommend a Gnosis Safe.

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