Committing Funds

Once a proposal has been published, you can make a commitment to invest a certain amount. At this stage, you will not be required to actually send/pay any money. Investment funds will be collected once a proposal has 80% of the funds it needs committed.

To make an investment commitment, click the Invest button and enter your commitment amount. Please note that the author of the investment proposal may have put a min and max that each individual can invest.

After you have indicated the amount you would like to commit, you will be asked to quickly verify your identity. This is done for both legal reasons as well as to protect other co-investors. We use Persona to verify your identity - it should not take more than 2 minutes.

After you have made your commitment and the proposal has 80% of funds committed - you will receive an email with instructions on how to fund your investment. 20% of your committed amount will be due when the proposal reaches 80% of funds committed and the rest will be due 1 week before property closing.

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